Chelsea MAFA


CV       artist statement

Selection of works and exhibitions. Images include finished pieces as well as process documentation.

Batch Collective presents Cookies & Coke March 2019

offsite exhibition with a group of 10 MAFA artists, @ The Old Biscuit Factory, London

︎ poster by Peter Ibberson

ArteFat (curator's pick) May 2019

invitation from curators Pahlavi Surana & Sofia Palacios (Sotheby's Institute of Art- MA Contemporary Art) in collaboration with Peter Ibberson @ Cookhouse Gallery

︎ poster by Peter Ibberson

Sotheby’s MA curators’ pick in collaboration with Peter Ibberson @Cookhouse Gallery

B Mine February 2019

Group B exhibition @ Cookhouse Gallery
Installation and performance

︎ poster by Dafu Yan

cardboard, photographs, magazine cutouts, wood and projection

One Night Stand March 2019

Gallery swap with Wimbledon MAFA Artists @ Coco Room, Wimbledon College of Arts

︎ poster by Minqi Xu

photographic series ‘Art Fair’ printed on paper

All Across Chelsea May 2019

cross-course show curated by Lelia Byron and Wilson Aguirre, @ Cookhouse Gallery

poster by Wilson Aguirre ︎

Supernatural - Dress Rehearsal II May 2019

group exhibition @ MAFA Gallery, London

fabric & magazine installation + photograph from ‘Damaged’ series, on light box

Dress Rehearsal I May 2019

group exhibition @ Cookhouse Gallery
'Topless Americas' - book collaboration with artist Lelia Byron

︎ online digital version

drawings in process 

Lab Store t-shirt project June 2019

Lab Store London

artists’ t-shirt exhibition at The Lab Store

Self-portraits June 2019

work in progress and further development of the series of selfie-collages

︎ check instagram for more

coming soon...